See the World's Best Home Gym and Learn How to Use It!


That Powerline P2X Home Gym is the best you can buy because it gives you compact size, low price and maximum utility. It is upgradable to a 210lb weight stack and also comes with a leg press option. This will make the exercise equipment difficult to help outgrow and this home gym can last a lifetime. A few extra bucks at the outset for the add ons prorates very well over time. Here is a brief exercise routine that will work great with the Powerline P2X. Make sure you are in good health prior to beginning an alternative exercise routine (check with your doctor beforehand if there is any doubt).

Preform the following 3 days per week:

Warm Up Activities - I highly recommend that you spend 10-15 minutes stretching prior to beginning your weight lifting routine. In addition , instigate a little bit of cardio exercise. If you have an exercise bike ten minutes of peddling will provide a good pre workout warm up. Without an exercise bike then crank out a few jumping jacks. Proper warm up gets the blood flowing and will help alleviate problems with muscle strains. This is very important so don't skip it!

1 . Leg Extensions - using the leg proxy station do 3 X 10 reps of leg extensions this will give your quads a great training session!

2 . Triceps push downs: Using the high pulley station do 3 sets of 10 reps you start with your forearms at 90 degree angles to your upper arms and pushing down towards your thighs and legs until your arms are straight. Do not bend over, keep your back straight and be sure to use adequate form.

3. Bicep Curls - using the low-pulley and low row bar do 3 X 10 reps of arm curls

4. Leg curls - using the leg curl station do 3 A 10 reps of standing leg curls this will give your hamstrings a good going over!

5. Abdominal crunches - 3 sets of 25 crunches. Feel free to max out here, there is no better crown involving physical fitness that 6 pack abs!

6. Chest Press: When using the P2X Home Gym take advantage of the inner and outer peck give positions. Do 2 sets of 8 reps using the inner pec hand position and 2 packages of 8 reps using the outer pec hand position. Also, for extra credit use the swivel better pulley system to get in 3 X 10 reps of pec flys! This will give you a thorough pec workout!

7. Lat Pull Downs - Using the high-pulley and the lat bar do 3 sets associated with 10 reps using proper form with enough weight to be challenging but still stay in proper position. That will give your lats and mid, upper back a good workout.

8. Leg Press - do 3 By 10 leg presses, this is a great way to work your quads, hamstrings and calf muscles. If you are pressed for time period the leg press will work both your hams and quads simultaneously but if you can swing it comprehensive the isolation exercises on the leg extension and leg curl stations also. The 210 weight collection will be a good add on if you are planning to use the leg press.

Get in the habit of working out 3 days to weeks per week and try to not rest for more then 45 seconds between sets. Believe me to look at tell you that you will begin to see improvements in as little as a few weeks. Don't forget that you need to eat a sensible diet with all your workout program. This means not eating to much but also not eating too little. You have got to eat right to maintain your strength and endurance. Reap the benefits of home gym ownership and get on the path to a lifetime of health and fitness!